when someone say hi to ya bae for too long

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According to the latest figures, 150 people are confirmed to have been killed in the sinking ferry Sewol. South Korean media reported that when found, the bodies of so many students had broken fingers and toes. This shows that the child was trying desperately to find a way out before being engulfed.

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Corey Matthews asking the hard-hitting questions.

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chanyeol x chen (n˘v˘•)¬

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most adorable cup stacking fail ever

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Look what arrived in the mail exactly on time *laugh*

Hey guys! Erica here :D

We’ve just entered the second year that I’ve been running this blog. In two years I’ve written, and you’ve probably read, nearly 400 scenarios from me. And I started at the bottom and now there are 1300+ of you following my small blog that started on a whim. And it’s because of the support and motivation that you’ve all given to me that kept me here and writing. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without the support of each and every one of you who: read, follow, or mail me. As a small token from me to you, I offer up a giveaway to celebrate these 2 years!

I have just a few thing to cover before you jump on this:

  1. This is for my followers only. Any followers after this point will not be eligible for this giveaway.
  2. I will ship Internationally so never fear :)
  3. You are allotted 1 Like and 1 Reblog. Before I choose a winner I will go through and make sure that each person has no more than 2 entries.
  4. Giveaway blogs will not be tolerated. When winners a chosen I will glance through to make sure of it. You do not need to be Infinite biased but you must not be a blog with only giveaway entries.
  5. Winners will be contacted through asks. If your ask is not open on the day I choose winners, I shall be forced to choose a new winner. Time zones are kind of an issue so at the time I send out asks, I will give the winners 48 hours to reply to me before I choose another winner.

The CD’s have been removed from the shrink wrap only to verify that the CD’s are in good condition. The coin will stay in the CD and you will get a coin :) I haven’t taken them out. If a person’s name is listed twice at the time of picking winners, I will let you have your pick on which coin you’d like [though there aren’t many options *laugh*] Winners will be randomly selected through the use of this site.

I will leave entries open up until May 6th at 12AM HST. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me through my ask box :D With all of that said: Thank you all so much again and best of luck!

Infinitely yours as I always am,

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